Recommended Reading for a Visual Practitioner!

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You may be scouring the internet looking to find out more about Graphic Recording, and if you are I’m glad you landed here! I have some recommended reading I would love to share with you! All of these books are on my shelf, and they are available for purchase on amazon! (Don’t worry, the authors didn’t pay me, lol!) Book title is the link to amazon, and the Author link goes to their website!

The Sketchnote Handbook By Mike Rohde

If you are a complete newbie, and only have the budget for 1 book, this is the one I would recommend you start with! It’s got some inspiring examples, and walks you through simply how to transform your notes. I still refer to it often!

The Graphic Facilitator’s Guide By Brandy Agerbeck

Another fantastic book for the beginner, I would say this does fall second to learning the basics to Mike’s book. This takes things to the next level, learning how to listen with intent, letting concepts distill in your brain until they are ready for the paper. This also gets into more of the client side of things as well as operating this as a freelance business.

Drawn Together Through Visual Practice By Sam Brad, Brandy Agerbeck, Kelvy Bird and Jennifer Shepherd

This book a WAY more intense than the previous, but the good kind of intensity! I would say this book is more directed at the Facilitator rather than the Recorder, but it is important to understand the relationship between the two as we work together. This dives deep into the concepts of meetings, why we do what we do as people, what is most effective and why. It is a small book, but it’s packed with so much information to mull over that I could only do 2 chapters at a time! Would recommend if you are a teacher, facilitator, or leader in your organization!

The World of Visual Facilitation by Jeroen Blijsie (Author), Tim Hamons (Author), Rachel Smith (Author) 

To be honest I’m not finished this bad boy yet! To give you some perspective, this book is so big that I had to check my carry on luggage coming home from a conference because it weighed me down! It is the size of a college textbook! The book is categorized in 4 sections and has multiple chapters within that. Each chapter is written by one person, and it is a HUGE wealth of knowledge. If Visual facilitation ever becomes a university course, this would be its textbook.

Hopefully that fills up your amazon cart to get you started! Happy reading!

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