The Importance of a GREAT Logo

Written by: Laura Meier

Logo design has been a growing passion of mine since my first graphic design class in college. I’ll admit that I wasn’t so keen about design in the beginning. My mother was pushing me towards graphic design ever since she read online somewhere that was the only way to make money as an artist. I remember talking back to her saying “I don’t want to be that person who just designs things for the side of a transport truck!”  At that time, all I wanted to do was play video games and create art for those games. 

But as time went on, and I continued through school I stepped into my first design class in college. I wasn’t pleased to be there, being an 8 AM class but I was eager to learn. She started the class discussion with “What is Design?” Of course my mind went back to my debate with my mother about graphics on the sides of trucks. She showed us the importance of design in a packaging, in architecture, and in logos. She then showed us the FedEx logo. I’ve seen this logo a thousand times before this class, but I never gave it the time of day. She then proceeded to point out the arrow that was created in the white space in between the E and the X. My mind was blown from that moment on. Even to this day FedEx is up there on my list of favourite logos.

Now why was this hidden arrow so mind blowing to me? Then, just treated logos as something that just exists, but not what it represents. I didn’t notice them and analyze them like I do today. But being taught that logos should tell a story, or provoke an emotion helped me relate these graphics to artwork a lot easier. 

To come back to the importance of a GREAT logo…this is how you show yourself to the world. You want others to know what your brand represents. Examples of other iconic logos would be McDonalds, Starbucks and Apple. These brands have become so well known, you could almost guess the logo just by the colour of it alone. What makes these logos great is how simple and sophisticated they have become yet still hold brand values.

To be fair, for those who are starting out a business you may still be figuring all this out. Your first logo may not be your forever logo, and that’s okay!  When I first start the logo process with clients, that’s where I like to start. The ground up. What are your company’s core values? Who is your target audience? What sets you apart from your competitors? These types of questions help the designer get a feel for what you need. This logo is going to be the face of your company and first impressions matter. So here at Swoop Media, we’ll make sure it’s a GREAT one!

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